Weekly Professional Development: Encouragement


The Chinese bamboo tree is planted after the earth is prepared, and for the first four years, all of the growth is underground. The only thing visible above the ground is a little bulb and a small shoot coming out of it.

Then, in the fifth year, the bamboo tree grows up to eighty feet. Principle-centered leaders understand the metaphor of the bamboo tree. They know what it means to pay the price to prepare the ground, to plant the seed, and to fertilize and cultivate and water and weed, even when they can't see immediate results, because they have faith the ultimately they will reap the fruits in the harvest.

And what wonderful fruits they are!

Your organizations' culture is the one competitive advantage that cannot be duplicated. Technology can be copied. Information can be acquired. Capital can be bought. But the ability of your organization to collaborate effectively, to put first things first, cannot be bought, transferred, or installed. A high-trust, empowered culture is always home-grown.

You can only create empowerment from the inside out.

Source: First Things First by Stephen R. Covey, A. Roger Merrill & Rebecca R. Merrill

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