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Four in 10 (40%) mobile advertising campaigns run on the Millennial Media network during Q2 2011 led to consumer enrollment or joining/subscribing to something postclick, according to [sign-in page] the Q2 2011 Millennial Media SMART Report. This was closely followed by having the consumer place a call (mobile phone only), a postclick destination of 37% of mobile campaigns (more than one destination per campaign permitted).

Another mobile phone-only postclick destination, application download, came in third (29%), followed by destinations such as retail promotions (26%), store locators (20%), and mobile social media (mobile phone-only, 18%).

In-Market Presence, Lead Gen Popular Goals

millennial-ad-campaign-goals-q2-20111.JPGLooking at mobile advertiser campaign goals during Q2 2011, sustaining in-market presence and lead generation/registration tied as the most popular goals (28%). Product launch/release ranked a distant third (17%).

The most popular goals of mobile campaigns on the Millennial network during Q1 2011 produced similar results. Sustained in-market presence (29%) and lead generation/registrations (27%) were the two most popular.

The only other goal with a double-digit share in terms of number of campaigns run with it in mind was product launch/release (24%), which has lost almost 30% of its share since Q1.

Smartphones More Popular On the Go

millennial-smartphone-usage-q2-2011.JPGExamining consumer smartphone usage trends, Millennial Media finds that during Q2 2011, consumers were more likely to use smartphones for a variety of activities outside the home rather than while at home. For example, 72% of smartphone time spent using mobile apps was spent outside the home, followed by 59% of internet usage time spent somewhere else.

The only smartphone activity with more in-home usage during Q2 2011 was watching videos, with a slim 51% majority of time spent in the home.

More than Half of Mobile Campaigns Drive Traffic to Site

Slightly more than half (52%) of mobile campaigns run on the Millennial network during Q2 2011 drove traffic to a website. The remaining campaigns fairly evenly split their destinations between custom landing pages (25%) and application download (23%).

During Q1 2011, destination trends were a little different. Close to half of all mobile campaigns on the Millennial network during Q1 2011 (47%) led traffic back to the advertiser’s site, with 32% leading to a custom landing page and 21% resulting in an application download. This means the percentage of mobile campaigns leading to a custom landing page dropped about 22% quarter-over-quarter.

Other Findings

  • Within Q2, the number of times customers selected an interactive element on Millennial Media’s video ads doubled.
  • Customers who viewed the interactive mobile video ads selected the replay button two times more than any other button.
  • Advertisers who created interactive mobile video ads most frequently included the share, web, and buy buttons in order.
  • Year-over-year spend in the finance vertical for mobile advertising grew 1,095% compared to Q2 2010.

Source: Marketing Charts (make sure you signup on Marketing Charts – my people)

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