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Developing an effective marketing communication plan is imperative to ensuring your business doesn't offend clients, partners, and others that will come in to contact with your business. What is funny or witty to you, may come off as sarcastic and even rude to others. You must develop a program that influences each of the buying processes. Researching customer behaviors and what is most important to them – how people feel and what they want – will help you to remain relevant to the market. It is a seamless circle when it comes to brand development.

These practices are a perfect way to avoid the disaster that was a recent Chrysler campaign. The automaker was very recently forced to remove a four second clip of a Dodge Viper riding on the meteor that exploded over Russia – the same meteor that caused over 1,000 injuries and exploded with such a force that it destroyed countless windows. The tagline of the video stated, "Yeah … it's that fast. The SRT Viper outraces that meteor :)" As a small business owner it is better to have a plan in place to prevent such untimely and in Chrysler's case what is being considered "tasteless" marketing moves than to waste time and resources correcting it.

Identify your target audience. These insights will answer the what, how, when, where, and who for your marketing plan. If you don’t know as much as possible about the target audience you don’t know these critical answers, which could leave you stumped during a "Critical Moment." Before you design a communications program you have to determine whether or not the consumer is at a stage where they need to be made aware of you. Are you a new company? Are you beginning to sell a new product? Are you going after a new client base? These steps will help you through the buyer readiness stages.

Stage 1 is Awareness and knowledge. The consumer needs something that gives them knowledge on your product or brand. There needs to be a campaign in place introducing you to the market and its consumers. Whether you're just starting or rolling out new products, the consumer must be properly introduced and informed to your product/service.

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